Complete Guide on Open Samsung Remote

Do you want to learn more about How to Open Samsung Remote? You want to check something inside the remote or replace the old battery. Let’s explore the way for you to Open Samsung Remote!

How to Open Samsung Remote is no longer a difficult question for everyone, especially Samsung product enthusiasts. Samsung increasingly improves its technology products. Especially with the remote control and depending on the type of TV that the control will vary. The current control function has been integrated into the remote so that users can control the TV easily and more conveniently. 

After a long time of use, you will encounter the case that your TV does not receive the command of the remote control. And you don't need to worry about this issue. The main cause may come from your control. Or other cases you want to check inside the remote because the buttons are paralyzed. You will need the way to open Samsung remote.

Based on your needs, here are these steps to Open Samsung Remote by yourself. Just follow this guide to do this:

  • Find the back cover

  • Check inside remote 

  • Slide and remove the cover

How to Open Samsung Remote?

The infrared remote does not control the TV is usually due to the battery. A low battery or running out of battery, need to replace new batteries. Incorrect battery direction install leads to the remote doesn’t work, it is necessary to install the battery correctly and the anode. So these steps below here will help you to open the Samsung remote:

Find the back cover

Depending on the type of TV, the Samsung remote is also different. Samsung is an exceptionally famous and profoundly respected brand of electronic gadgets. There are many different types, so their back cover is also in many different positions. that is the reason why you need to determine where the back cover is located to proceed.

Slide and remove the cover 

It will have a type that you just press the bolt button at the top back of the Samsung Smart Remote. The body will jump out somewhat from the body cover. Another way is to push the back cover open toward the bolt at the lower part of the controller. 

Get the controller with two hands, as displayed in the delineation beneath. Then, push it forward with your thumbs. Or on the other hand, turn the remote over, and afterward slide the body of the remote upwards until the battery compartment is uncovered.

Check inside remote

If the Samsung TV remote is damaged due to internal components, you should use specialized tools to be able to open it easily. And now, when you cover the Samsung remote out. You'll check if the battery is placed in the right direction. 

Then you put the back cover in the Samsung remote and push in the opposite direction to the previous step to insert the back cover into the old place.


Why does your remote have problems?

After a long time of use, your remote may have many problems. While using, you accidentally drop or collide, this will cause the device to have problems. 

Some problems also come from low battery, the television does not receive signals or does not clean the infrared eye remote.

How do you connect a remote to a new television?

On your remote, press the home button in the center of your device. It will show a setting table. The accompanying methods will fluctuate contingent upon your TV's menu choices. 

Go to Remotes and Accessories, tap Remote control, pick Connect through Bluetooth or press the Activate button. Select Remote control, then tap Bluetooth association. Pick the Voice Remote Control, then find Activate choice.

Can Samsung remote control by voice?

To turn on voice acknowledgment, first, you should consent to the protection strategy and actuate the component in the settings menu. Then, at that point, you can either say Hello TV or press the voice order button on select controllers. The mouthpiece symbol will then show up on your TV screen. 

Various languages are supported, so your TV will continuously adhere to your guidelines regardless of how you decide to talk. You can set up your favored voice route when you get your TV.


Samsung Apps work on the substance accessible on smart TVs. Become familiar with the various Samsung applications. Samsung always finds a way to develop itself, especially for many modern devices.

Samsung's remote control has always been a device that expresses sophistication and modernity. Follow these three steps to be able to do it open Samsung Remote: 

  • Find the back cover

  • Check inside remote 

  • Slide and remove the cover

Thus, there are many ways How to Open Samsung Remote. From this article, you can check it by yourself.

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