A Complete Guide on How to Put Paper in a Canon Printer

This post will give you a complete guide to putting paper in a Canon printer. Check it out now for detailed information and to gain more knowledge!

Putting paper in a printer can be easy. But doing it exactly is necessary to avoid spending time on relating errors. So make sure to select the appropriate paper size and media type before printing.

If you choose the incorrect page size or type, the printer may feed paper from the incorrect paper source. Or it may not print with the appropriate print quality. That can happen if you select the wrong page size or media type. Let's explore the way to put paper in a Canon printer.

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How to Put Paper in a Canon Printer

Follow the four steps below right now to have a complete guide!

Step 1: Slide the paper support out of the way.

Step 2: Move the paper guides to the edges

Move the paper guides to the edges - support.usa.canon.com

Step 3: Load paper

Place the paper with the side printed facing down into the machine until it reaches the far end. When using the paper guides, avoid applying too much pressure on the paper. If you don't do that, it might feed the paper appropriately.

Load paper - support.usa.canon.com

Step 4: Open the paper output tray. Then, slide out the paper output support.

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1. What does the term "printer roller" mean?

It can feed rolls of printer paper through a printer with the assistance of rollers. They are small, circular components made of rubber.

Over time, they may pick up dust from the paper and ink residue from printing on both sides of a sheet. But, again, it's because they are double-sided.

To begin cleaning the rollers in your printer, you will need to put them within the printer.

2. Why won't my printer feed the paper into the tray?

There is a possibility that the feed rollers are not making contact with the paper. So instead, you can push up the paper-width guide against the stack of paper nearby.

It appears that you could partially place the paper tray into the product. There is a discrepancy between the print driver's and the paper's paper settings. You can load it in the paper tray.

3. What is the best way to clean the interior of my printer?

You will need some rubbing alcohol, a cotton swab, and either a vacuum cleaner or a can of compressed air. And it would help if you also had a clean cloth to clean your printer.

If the paper is smeared, clean the platen or the roller to remove any ink that has built up.

After that, you should use the vacuum cleaner or a can of compressed air to clear the printer of any residual ink or dust particles.

4. What does it mean when my printer tells me to load paper?

Either there is no paper in the tray or too much. The paper is crinkled in places. The side of the paper printed on, also known as the shiny side, is not loaded into the paper tray with the shiny side facing up.

When loading picture paper, make sure the side with more texture is facing down at all times. 

5. What are the steps to replace a paper feed roller?

Hold the replacement feed roller by its tab. Then, as depicted in the image, push it slowly onto the shaft of the paper tray.

First, ensure that you align the little tab on the feed roller with the slot located on the shaft. 

Next, ensure that the feed roller is fully inserted so that you can insert the tab into the space. Finally, place the paper tray into the printer and push it in.


Above is a comprehensive way we provide you to know how to put paper in a Canon printer. We hope this article will answer your question about correctly placing the paper in a printer. And you find it easy to learn.

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