Complete Guide On How to View Blocked Messages on Android Phone

You won't see their calls or messages in your inbox once you've banned someone from your contacts. However, there are cases when you might wish to see what the blocked contact has sent you, such as a message. Is it then possible to get the prohibited text messages back? How to view blocked messages on an Android Phone?

Are you trying to figure out how to view blocked messages on an Android phone? You won't see their texts or calls in your inbox now that you've banned that number. But it's also true that we want to see those blocked text messages from blocked people from time to time. A common question that arises is whether you can view blocked text messages on Android.

Yes, it is possible to read the messages that have been blocked. Different Android phones have other methods:

  • Using Feature On Phone

  • Using Third-Party App

How To View Blocked Messages On Android Phone

If you did not delete the blocked messages from the block list, Android phone users could recover them. The steps are as follows:

Using Feature On Phone

  • Step 1:

Select Call & Text Blocking from the drop-down menu.

  • Step 2:

Select History.

  • Step 3:

Select Text Blocked History from the drop-down menu.

  • Step 4:

Choose the message you want to restore from the list of blocked messages.

  • Step 5:

To return to your inbox, tap the Restore to Inbox button.

Using Third-Party App

Using DroidKit

  • Step 1:

Connect with your Android device using DroidKit on your Windows or Mac. Select Deep Recovery from the Device menu.

Using DroidKit Step 1 - Imobie

  • Step 2:

Select Messages and press the Start button.

Using DroidKit Step 2 - Imobie

  • Step 3:

Start by pressing the Start button. DroidKit will begin checking your device's root state. Rooting is required to complete Deep Recovery. Quick Recovery will not root your device but might not scan as deep as Deep Recovery mode).

  • Step 4:

Please click the "Root Now" button if your Android device is unrooted. DroidKit will begin searching your Android phone for deleted texts after rooting it.

Using DroidKit Step 4 - Imobie

  • Step 5:

Select the messages or attachments you'd like to save to your Android phone. Then, press the To Device button.

Using DroidKit Step 5 - Imobie

Using PhoneRescue

The only way to recover blocked text messages on Android is to seek a safe data recovery solution. PhoneRescue for Android is a good choice. It is a sophisticated piece of software with a slew of functions. It can help you view any data from your Android device, including your blocked text messages.

  • Step 1:

Connect your Android phone to PhoneRescue after downloading it.

  • Step 2:

Examine your device's blocked text messages. You should be able to select the content type you want to recover once you've linked your device. Mark the box for Messages, as this is what you want to restore, and then click Next to continue.

Using PhoneRescue Step 2 - Imobie

  • Step 3:

Select the blocked messages you want to restore from the preview window. To store the messages to your phone's Messages app, click the To Device button. Alternatively, the To Computer button to save them to your computer as a backup.

Using PhoneRescue Step 3 - Imobie



1. Where Are Blocked Messages Stored On Android?

Although the Messages app does not have a distinct folder for viewing prohibited messages, you may still access them. If you block a discussion in the Messages app, the communication will be archived.

2. What Happens To Messages If You Block Someone?

If you block a contact on your Android or iPhone, they will be able to text you. These messages will not appear on your phone but appear in the sender's inbox. They will be completely unaware that they have been stopped.

3.  When You Block Someone On Android Does It Delete Messages?

Text messages are not received or stored, and phone calls do not ring through to your phone. It is significant. While you can unblock the caller if you change your mind, your phone will not restore any calls or texts made while the number was blocked.

4. Does Someone Know When You Block Them On Android?

People you block will not receive a notification, so they will be unaware that they have been blocked. When they try to phone you or send you text messages, they are either disconnected right away, sent straight to voicemail, or sent to the spam box.


How to View Blocked Messages on an Android Phone has been answered. Many people struggle to recover texts that have been blocked on their Android phones. But, following the steps in our article will simplify the process for you to complete. We hope it displays all of the blocked messages on your Android phone that you wanted to read. If you found this tip helpful, please share it with others looking for ways to view banned texts on Android.

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