Privacy policy promotes the protection of personal information by providing the following personal information protection guidelines, building a unique information protection system, being thorough in its implementation, and strengthening. Awareness of the importance of protecting personal information for all company employees. We are committed to protecting customers' personal information in the latest and most accurate state. To prevent illegal access, loss, destruction, counterfeiting, and leakage of personal data, we will conduct strict management of personal information by implementing safety policies and taking thorough measures to educate employees, adjust management institutions, and maintain security systems.

1. Uses

When providing this service to users, it is possible to collect users' personal information in case it is necessary to fulfill the purposes of using personal information as below.

To authenticate the user himself upon login.

So that users can use this service more conveniently.

Based on the change to a non-user-aware form, promote by generating statistical data.

To respond to user inquiries.

To announce information related to this service or advertising information whose advertisers are companies other than

To provide new plans related to this service.

To introduce services and products of companies in the ProductFind group or

To send products and rewards in the campaign.

To authenticate the user himself upon contact from the user.

To contact in case of need about essential notices related to the use of this service.

2. About providing information to 3rd parties, other than in the cases below, will not provide users' personal information to third parties.

Consent of the user himself.

When made available, make statistical data public in a non-discriminatory state and identify the user himself.

In case it is necessary to comply and comply with the provisions of the law.

In case it is necessary to protect property, identity, and human life, it is difficult to obtain the user's consent.

In exceptional cases, it is necessary to improve public health or conduct healthy education for children who have difficulty obtaining user consent.

If a trustee from a government agency or local public organization needs cooperation to carry out legal activities where obtaining the user's consent may cause problems. Impede the performance of such services.

3. About professional entrustment, to the extent necessary to fulfill the above uses, may entrust some or all of the personal information collected by ProductFind after taking the required safeguards.

4. About publicizing, editing, deleting, stopping use

Suppose the user requests to delete or stop using, deleting, adding and correcting, disclosing, and notifying the purpose of using the user's personal information. In that case, we will receive it by the method approved by us. Regulations on the use of separate personal information.

5. Other points

If you do not fill in the fields of personal information, please understand that we may not be able to respond and respond to your requests appropriately.

6. Restrictions about children's information is the web for business. So children under 13 years old are not encouraged. We also recommend parents or guardians supervise their children's behavior on the internet. If we receive personal data from children lower than 13 years old, we will delete all immediately.