A Complete Guide On How to Delete Favorites on Mac

Safari creates favorites or bookmarks to assist users in navigating the web. On the other hand, Web sites can change or disappear at any time. On the plus side, you may erase favorites on Mac to keep your list up to date. In this guide, you'll learn How to Delete Favorites on Mac.

A frequently requested issue is how to delete favorites on a Mac. Creating favorites on the Safari browser is a convenient way to navigate the web. You can browse a Web page by opening your bookmarks and clicking a listed site.

However, pages might move or change over time. The information you bookmarked may no longer be available. You can erase your favorites from Safari to keep your bookmarks list up to date. Here are the ways:

  • Using Favorites Bar 

  • Resetting Safari

  • Using Third-Party App

How To Delete Favorites On Mac

Fortunately, removing entries from Safari's Favorites list is simple. The simple steps that follow will guide you through the procedure. The outcomes will improve your browsing experience. They keep you focused on the most critical resources.

Using Favorites Bar

Safari creates a Favorites folder in which you can keep your favorite websites. You can go to them at any moment using your browser. Of course, manually removing sites from the favorites bar on a Mac is doable. This method allows you to go through your favorite websites and delete the ones you don't want.

  • Step 1:

Start your Safari browser. Select Show Favorites from the Bookmarks menu on the top ribbon. You may also open the Favorites bar in a new tab in Safari.

Using Favorites Bar Step 1 - Apeaksoft

  • Step 2:

Right-click on a website you don't want to visit anymore. In the context menu, select Delete. Alternatively, you can drag the icon away from the Favorites bar and release the mouse button to reveal the Remove sign.

  • Step 3:

Follow the same steps to remove other websites from the Favorites bar on a Mac.

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Resetting Safari

Resetting your Safari browser is another way to erase Favorites on a Mac. It deletes all browser and search history and all Favorites websites. To avoid losing data, make a backup of your Safari before deleting favorites.

  • Step 1:

You can launch Safari from the Dock bar.

  • Step 2:

Select the Clear History option from the Safari menu.

  • Step 3:

Select the all history option from the list on the popup dialog. To confirm, click the Clear History button.

Resetting Safari Step 3 - Apeaksoft

  • Step 4:

Return to the Safari menu and select Preferences.

  • Step 5:

From the top ribbon, go to the Advanced tab and check the box next to the Show Develop menu in the menu bar.

Resetting Safari Step 5 - Apeaksoft

  • Step 6:

Then select Empty caches from the Develop menu on the top menu bar.

  • Step 7:

When you open a new tab, the Favorites bar will be empty.

Using Third-Party App

It's tough to erase Favorites on Mac for the typical person. Apeaksoft Mac Cleaner, fortunately, is up to the task. It can scan your favorite websites for any web browser on your Mac and delete them with a single click.

  • Step 1:

Start it up after installing the most delicate Favorites remover for Mac on your Mac. The home interface has three buttons: Status, Cleaner, and Toolkit. By pressing the State button, you may check the status of your CPU, storage, and other components.

  • Step 2:

On a Mac, select the Toolkit option from a left-hand column or the home interface to erase Favorites. Then, to enter the privacy cleaner window, pick the Privacy button.  Click the Scan button to start checking for cookies, downloads, history, login information, and more on your browsers. When you're finished, click the View button to see them.

 Using Third-Party App Step 2 - Apeaksoft

  • Step 3:

Select the preferred browser from the middle panel when entering the cleaner window. You'll see all of the items you can delete on the right panel. Check the box next to Visit History to remove Favorites. Check for any more stuff you don't wish to keep. Finally, press the Clean button to begin the process. Wait for the procedure to complete before closing the app. When you open your browser, you'll notice that your favorite websites have vanished.

Using Third-Party App Step 3 - Apeaksoft


1. How Do I Delete Multiple Items From My Favorites List?

To select multiple items, double-click the Favorites folder. Hold Ctrl while left-clicking, and then press Delete. To delete everything in a folder, press Ctrl-A to select everything, then Delete.

2. Is It Good To Clear Cookies On A Mac?

When you delete cookies on a Mac, you're erasing all of your browser's saved data. There are a few reasons why you should clear your cookies regularly. They have the potential to slow down your browser. Deleting cookies frees up space on your device, allowing it to operate better.

3. Should You Clear History On Mac?

If you're worried about your privacy, clearing the history is an intelligent idea. The disadvantage is that you no longer have your search history for a site you may have accidentally visited. However, you may be able to find it through a Web search.

Final Thought

On How to Delete Favorites on Mac, we were able to assist you. Mac computers and laptops are unquestionably high-end devices. However, several elements are inconvenient or difficult to grasp fast. On a Mac, for example, favorite deletion is an essential skill for freeing up space and managing the websites you visit regularly. See more some tips help you clear your storage and extend the room for others data: How to Delete All Messages on Mac, How to Delete Favorites on Mac, etc.

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