Complete Guide on How to Unblock Someone on Pinterest

You mistakenly blocked anyone on Pinterest. So here are a few simple procedures to unblock them from your blocked list. Check this post out now for detailed information!

Blocking a Pinterest profile prevents someone from following you and sending you messages. Anyone can still see your public account even if you block them on Pinterest.

Your pins, comments, and likes won't be visible to blocked users. But they will appear in search results, group boards, and your feed if you allow them access. So if you accidentally blocked someone, now is the time to learn how to unblock someone on Pinterest.

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How to Unblock Someone on Pinterest

Here is a guide to unblocking someone on Pinterest. You can fix the mistake you made by looking at the information below. 

For Web

To unblock someone on Pinterest (Web), search for the username to find their profile. Then, you can unblock that person by clicking the "Unblock" button.

Step 1: Open profile

The first step is to use the search bar to look up the person's name or username. Type the person's name and click the search button. Next, find the right name in the list and click on it to go to that person's profile.

Search account -

Step 2: Click the button that says "Unblock."

When you open a person's profile, you will see their name. Under the name, you'll see the user name, then the number of people who follow that person.

Below that, you'll see three symbols: Share, Unblock, and Profile. You can unblock that person by clicking the "Unblock" button.

If you don't see the "Unblock" button, you haven't blocked that person. 

For Android

Suppose you made a mistake and accidentally blocked someone from your Pinterest account. Then you must already be nervous about how to get them unblocked. So let me show you how to unblock someone on Pinterest step by step.

Step 1: Open up the app for Pinterest.

Step 2: Find the account you want to get access to again.

Step 3: If you click on the account, their profile will open.

Step 4: Click on the top option with three dots.

Step 5: There will be a pop-up. Select Unblock. 


IOS users who use Pinterest and want to know how to unblock someone from Pinterest can use this guide. The steps that follow will be beneficial.

Step 1: Open up the app for Pinterest.

Step 2: To find the blocked account, use the search feature.

Step 3: Type the username into the search box.

Step 4: To unlock a profile, select the one you want to remove from the list.

Step 5: Open the account. Click on the top three dots.

Tap three dots -

Step 6: There will be a pop-up list. Select Unblock. Click on Unblock to confirm.

Tap Unblock -


1. How can you know if someone on Pinterest has blocked you?

Send that person a message on Pinterest to find out if they have blocked you. For example, if you get a message that says "Failed to create conversation," they have blocked you on Pinterest.

2. Does anyone know if they can be unblocked on Pinterest?

No one will ever know whether you have blocked or unblocked them. People will only see if they try to follow you or do something with your Pins.

Even if you block someone, you may still see them in searches, feeds, and group boards. Likewise, you can still see the pins you saved from them on your profile.

3. Do you receive messages after unblocking someone?

Once a caller is blocked, they can't leave a message on your iPhone in any form, whether it's an iMessage or an SMS.

That means you cannot view any messages that have been blocked. But you can unblock the sender and resume receiving messages in the future. 

4. Can you unfollow someone on Pinterest?

You can't get rid of people who follow you on Pinterest. But you can block them so they can't see your pins or interact with them.

Go to the follower you want to block's profile and select the flag icon. Then, click the button that says "Block." 


Pinterest is a social media where people can share pictures and videos. Pinners create boards to store images and videos that inspire them. 

Occasionally, users may annoy you by sending you messages about unrelated pins. In this case, blocking that person seems like the best thing.

However, if you have blocked someone on Pinterest and wish to unblock them, you can follow the procedures indicated in this post.

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