How to Screenshot on LG

This article will tell you how to screenshot on LG. There are two different instruments: combo buttons and apps. Read carefully to pick one!


Are you an LG user? Then chances are you might want to learn how to screenshot on LG. The process is fairly straightforward. For a better experience, we will introduce two different methods. Each has downsides and upsides, so assess carefully!

To sum up, the article will present:

  • Method 1: Use Button Combo

  • Method 2: Use An Application

How to Screenshot on LG

You may either use button combinations or the ScreenshotGo app. Let's delve further into each approach.

Method 1: Use Button Combo

Using button combo - Source:

Screenshot snaps on Android phones can operate with simple button combinations. Of course, LG phones are far from exceptions. For quick snapshots, they will be your best bet.

Step 1. Navigate to the screen or content you like to capture.

Step 2. Press the Volume Down and Power buttons. Hold them for one second (or until there's a camera sound). 

Step 3. Check to see if the screenshot has gone to your photo gallery. 

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Method 2: Use An Application

Using applications - Source:

Our phones and computers are similar. Quick screenshots are fine, but you might wish for more control. We are happy to introduce the ScreenshotGo app from Mozilla!

What does this app do? It allows quick shortcuts for screenshots in notification shades. There are even quick editing and category classifying. How neat!

Still, most of you will only need basic functionalities. That is also what we are after!

Step 1. Go to the Play Store to download ScreenshotGo. After setting it up, the app will turn on shortcut buttons.

Step 2. Organize the content you wish to take screenshots of.

Step 3. Hit the screenshot buttons. Another way is to pull the notification shades and press the shortcut. This move will snap the screen!

Step 4. Categorize and edit your screenshot. Congratulations! You have done the task successfully. 


1. Where Do My Screenshots Go? 

Suppose you have taken a few screenshots of the home screen. There are also your game high scores, text message threads, and other things. Where do they all go?  

In most cases, you can find them in the photo gallery. Some phones have independent folders for screenshots. That is convenient since you will not mix them up with regular pictures!

It is easy to choose screenshots to share through social media. You can also use it as a message attachment, email, or Reddit post. Any other purpose is possible as well!

2. How Can I Back Up My Screenshots?

Some people say that a screenshot is not as valuable as regular pictures. But that is far from the truth! Sometimes, it contains important data that needs some backup.

You may back them up in physical devices, such as microSD cards. Other possible alternatives include USB drives or clouds.

Still, our first pick is Google Photos, the easiest method! Google Photo can handle all your phone photos.

Suppose you have just created one screenshot folder. Photos will ask whether you like to back up newer photos of that folder. Click Yes. So every time you make screenshots, Google Photos will store them safe and sound!

3. My Phone Refuses to Take Screenshots. How Can I Fix It?

Fixing an LG phone - Source:

  • Clear Every Open App

Kickstart the troubleshooting by closing every open app on your phone. How can you do that?

First, open the screen of "Recent apps". There will be a "Close All" button. Tap that button!

Another way is to swipe through the apps to shut them off. This move will clear and close all your open apps. Once done, try to take a screenshot again. 

  • Restart Your Phone

The first tip does not work for you? Then try to restart the phone. Sometimes, a phone service might interrupt your screenshot functionality. Hence, restarting your phone might fix that issue. 

  • Switch off The Incognito Mode

Have you tried to take screenshots from Incognito Mode on Chrome? If that's the case, no wonder you have failed! Google has banned screenshot capturing from Incognito Mode.

Thus, the solution is simple. Exit Incognito Mode and turn to the website's normal mode. Try to take screenshots again. 

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