A Completely Guide On How To Unsend A Message On Iphone

You occasionally send embarrassing text messages. And then try to figure out how to unsend messages on iPhones. It is a comprehensive guide on how to unsend a message on iPhone. So let's dive into it with us!

Every day, people send millions of texts from iOS devices, and iMessage is the primary platform for iPhones and iPad. The recent blog, we have provide ways on How to Unpin a Text Message on iPhone. In this writing, we will show you how to reverse a delivered message in the inbox of your loved ones, clients, friends, or colleagues. There is a wide range of solutions available that help you to learn how to unsend a message on iPhone:

  • Using Airplane Mode

  • Unsend a Message through a third-party application

How To Unsend A Message On Iphone

If you sent a message to the wrong person and want to take it back, here's how to do it on an iPhone or iPad. 

Using Airplane Mode

Undoing a sent text message on the iPhone is simple and quick. However, you must be quick on your feet to do it correctly, as it only takes a few seconds for an iMessage to officially send. Follow these steps to do this:

Step 1: Swipe up to the control panel to get to the quick settings. 

Step 2: Tap on Airplane mode.

Airplane mode, support.apple

Step 3: This will stop all signals going to and from your iPhone, so the message won't be able to send. And you'll get a red message saying "Not Delivered." 

Step 4: To access the "More" menu, tap and hold the screen. 

More options, itechcliq

You have two choices: Delete All and the trash can icon at the bottom left.

Step 5: Tap the "Trash Can" icon to eliminate the one message. Tap "Delete All" to get rid of the whole conversation. Make sure you don't skip this step. Your iPhone will send the message again once you turn off Airplane Mode and get a signal again. 

When you send an iMessage or text message, you only have a few seconds to turn on Airplane Mode, so you have to be quick. You have a little more time to turn on Airplane Mode if you send a picture or video. 

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Unsend A Message Through A Third-Party Application

Most popular third-party apps, like Whatsapp and Viber, let you take back messages you sent. 


You can delete texts you sent through WhatsApp up to an hour after sending them. But the person you were messaging must be using the most recent version of WhatsApp for you to be able to delete your messages. Know that the new versions of WhatsApp won't work on old devices.

WhatsApp, bbc

  • Choose and hold the message you want to get rid of

  • Choose the messages you no longer want to send.

  • Tap the garbage can.

  • Click "Delete for All" 

Once a message has been unsent, both the sender and the recipient will see "This Message Was Deleted." 


Have you ever used Viber to send a message to the wrong person? The unsend function of the app is simple to operate. First, start the conversation in the new window.

  • Keep pressing and holding the message button.

  • Click Delete

  • Choose the messages that you no longer want to send.

  • Toggle the lid of the garbage can.

  • To delete for everyone, tap the Delete for Everyone Prompt.


1. Why Doesn't Apple's IOS 13 Version Have An Unsend Feature?

Apple's pace of introducing new features has traditionally been slow because the company must consider several factors, including the need to support older devices and maintain a stable environment. 

2. How Do You Edit A Text Message On An Iphone That Is Already Sent?

First, the message needs to be opened, and then your finger must be pressed and held on. That will bring up a menu with an option to "undo" the most recent action. If you tap this, the message will immediately be removed from the recipient's phone.

3. What Happens If You Delete An Imessage Before It Says Delivered?

Even if you delete a message while it is in the process of "Sending...", all you are doing is removing your local copy on that specific device. The message will still get sent. And it will even appear on other devices you have enabled for your iMessage accounts, such as a Mac or an iPad. That is true even if you delete the message while it is in the process of "Sending...". 

4. Can You Remove Changes From An iPhone Photo?

Open the Photos app on your iPhone and look for the photo you want to stop editing. Tap on it, and then tap the Edit button in the top right corner of the screen. Finally, tap the Undo button, which looks like a curved arrow pointing to the left, to undo the last change you made. 

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As an iPhone user, iMessage is helpful. It lets you text other Apple devices for free and tells you if your messages were sent or not. If you want to unsend a message from your iPhone or iPad, turn on Airplane mode immediately. Good luck!

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