A Complete Guide on How to Lock Keyboard on Mac

Locking a keyboard on Mac can positively prove to be useful unexpectedly. Ideally, these tips will assist anybody with having a superior thought of how to really safeguard their Macbook. And we would recommend some effective ways to do it. Let’s find a way for you to Lock your Keyboard on your Mac!

How to Lock Keyboard on Mac seems that it is no longer a strange question to an Apple fan like you. Macbooks are smooth gadgets that individuals are frequently attracted to in huge numbers. 

Not only because of its design but also their feature. These lock features can help you protect your laptop and stay away from kids or pets. Lock keyboard is an element on Mac gadgets that empowers you to impair the console input briefly. This can be valuable to safeguard it. 

Try these ways and find which one is suitable for you, and you can Lock the Keyboard on your Mac:

  • Use Control-Shift-Power

  • Select Sleep option

  • Use Karabiner Element app

How to Lock Keyboard on Mac?

In this article, we introduce you to many ways you can try. Because of the current demand, locking the Mac keyboard is essential for us. This is as well as an indirect way to help us handle and avoid problems.

Use Control-Shift-Power

As a similarity to other displays, Macs have advantageous console alternate ways. You can utilize the Control-Shift-Power console combo to lock a MacBook to make light-out time work for it MacBook. Another technique is to tap the Apple symbol on the upper left corner of the screen, at that point, rest. Shutting the top likewise makes it sleep time for your MacBook. This is the popular way for almost everyone to use it.

Use keyboard 

Select Sleep option

You can also use the Command-Option-Power key combination on the keyboard to put your Macbook into sleep mode. Or in the corner of the screen, you can choose the 'sleep' option manually next to the' shut down' option.

However, this will put your Macbook in a state of rest and you can't do other tasks in parallel if necessary.

Sleep Option 

Use Karabiner Element app

At times it merits downloading an application or two to assist with dealing with your Mac's framework and console. Applications like Karabiner Element will lock your Mac's console while another app still running.

This is great on the off chance that you at any point expected to watch a video or sound on the Mac without really requiring the console. Karabiner Element is one of the most famous outsider applications which usually use to lock the Keyboard on a Mac.

Use Application

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1. Why do you need to lock the Keyboard?

This is usually annoying when you need to clean your laptop keyboard. What's more, is to avoid the case of young children mischievously with the keyboard and can erase your important data loss.

You are a pet lover but sometimes the pet jumping on the keyboard will lead to unwanted times. For those of you who have a habit of using a detachable keyboard, it is recommended to lock the laptop when using a removable keyboard.

2. How to unlock the keyboard Macbook?

To unlock the keyboard is also very simple, you can restart your Mac or open Recovery Tool, or press Command + Control + Power to perform the action first, and your MacBook will return to normal.

3. Is there any other way to lock the keyboard on Windows?

There are a few instruments accessible that empower you to lock your console without locking your machine or handicapping the screen. The other way is called Keyboard Locker.

This is a completely free platform. And after you have installed it on your computer, you can use the Ctrl-Alt-L keyboard shortcut to lock your computer keyboard.


We tell you the best way to Lock the Keyboard on Mac. This is completely easy to do and does not affect your Mac. We have introduced you to three ways for you to try and find a way that suits you. 

  • Use Control-Shift-Power

  • Select Sleep option

  • Use Karabiner Element app

How to Lock Keyboard on Mac is uncomplicated for you to complete. After this article, all things to lock your keyboard is a small thing. and don’t forget to share this information with your friends.

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