Complete Guide on How to Measure Laptop Size

Do you search for a method for the way How to Measure Laptop Size? We have arranged a lot of good things for you. Let’s investigate the assortment of ways to Measure Laptop Size.

You are confused about the size of the laptop to find a suitable bag and you want an essential way on How to Measure Laptop Size. As you know, a laptop can be an incredible method for your work such as remote and in your office. You can get full functionality similar to a PC. With a modern laptop, you bring them anyplace you need thanks to their minimized structure factor and long battery duration. It brings convenience to your life.

You ought to likewise quantify the size of your laptop whether you are getting another one or as of now have one. And keeping in mind that one might think the screen size is the size of a laptop, there are more than things to check the correct size. In this manner, we are here to help you try the most effective way. 

This article makes sense of How to Measure Laptop Size. We would like to recommend these steps below here:

  • Calculate Screen Size

  • Measure the Height

  • Calculate the Width

How to Measure Laptop Size? 

Estimating the size of your laptop can frequently make you confused. This is essential because there are many various things that you can gauge on your laptop. At the point when you are utilizing a laptop, normally the size of the screen is the main variable to measure.

Calculate Screen Size

Screens are commonly estimated in inches. Quite possibly the earliest thing to quantify while getting a laptop is the screen size. Besides the fact that the screen sizes influence the general structure component. 

However, it can likewise influence your general processing experience. To gauge the screen size of your device, you need to put your estimating tape askew from one corner to the slantingly inverse one.

Screen Size - Image Link

Measure the Height

You will put the estimating tape on the top center of the laptop and bring it down to the lower part of it by extending the tape. This will show the height of your laptop you have.

And this is also the correct way for you to calculate the height of your laptop. Then you can free to look for a bag, and you don't need to waste time bringing the laptop to the store. 

The height - Image Link

Calculate the Width

Other than the screen size, checking its width is likewise very essential to find out about its general structure factor. We should begin by estimating the width. Take your estimating tape and spot it evenly across your laptop from left to right.

Begin the measuring tape at the front left or right corner. Estimating the front is the least demanding because there are no projecting parts. Measure straight across the front of the laptop to the next front corner. 

The width - Image Link


1. How can you know the screen size of a laptop without measuring?

This has been an essential question for every one of the people who would rather not put additional work into estimating the elements of your laptop. Indeed, you can find the screen size of the laptop on the site you purchased from or within the board of the screen.

 You can Google to find the brand of laptop you want, and there have full details of that model for you. It will assist you with finding the right size and you don't have to quantify it.

2. How can you calculate your laptop in cm?

For the most part, the Laptop have been given the essential screen size not Laptop size in creep as units. You can utilize a scale or an estimation tape to straightforwardly quantify in cm. 

On the off chance that you don't have things like this and need the action in cm from inches. You can change over it based on your needs. For instance, 1 inch = 2.54 cm.

3. Why do you need to measure Laptop size?

Depending on the purpose of everyone. Computer screens and laptops are the basic parts of a complete laptop. The screen allows for displaying information, images, and videos, etc. Serve the needs and purposes of the user. 

This helps you find the right bag or estimate if the laptop occupies a lot of space. And you can save time without having to bring your laptop to the place to measure.


To put it plainly, to gauge the size of your Laptop, you exclusively need to check out the screen. 

To gauge it accurately, you ought to start in the base left-hand corner of the screen and measure slantingly up to the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

We will summarize three steps for you:

  • Calculate Screen Size

  • Measure the Height

  • Calculate the Width

Thus, that’s all for How to Measure Laptop Size. Assuming you read the entire article, you can do it by yourself and save a lot of time. Remember to share it!

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