An Unrivaled Guide on How to Screenshot on iPhone 8

Are you an iPhone 8 owner? Then you might be curious about how to screenshot on iPhone 8. Fortunately, this task is fairly straightforward. There are only two predictable steps to follow! 

  • Step 1. Take the photo

  • Step 2. Edit your screenshot

How to Screenshot on iPhone 8?

Let's delve further into details. Do not skip any steps, or all will be for naught!

Step 1. Take The Photo

Take the photo - Source: Pxhere.

How can we make a screenshot with the iPhone 8? We need to hold several physical buttons for a few seconds.

1. Press the "Side" button. (the button that switches your devices on and off). Tap the "Home" button concurrently on the iPhone's front. Hold both for one second (or more) before letting go. 

2. Once done, the display will flash white in a blink. You will see a smaller version of this screenshot in the left-hand bottom corner. 

3. Click on that small version to navigate to the edit menu.

Step 2. Edit Your Screenshot

1. Press that small photo.

2. Crop your shot by moving these blue edges surrounding the photo. You can also use drawing and annotating tools to highlight some parts.

3. In the right corner lies a plus icon. What does it do? It lets you access text boxes and add signatures. We also have a magnifier. As the name implies, it zooms your photo bigger. Experience these tools for the best results!

4. Happy with what you have? Tap "Done". (in the left upper corner). The photo will save itself in your Photos album and Screenshots album


Many users still have some trouble navigating around iPhone 8. If you are one such user, this section is for you. Let's debunk some issues here!

1. I Cannot Take Screenshots on My iPhone. How Can I Fix This Issue?

Tips to fix issues - Source: Flickr. 

Tip 1. Hold The Power Button and The Home Button Concurrently

Not being able to take screenshots can be frustrating. Still, there are times when the phone is unresponsive or frozen. You may hold the Home button and the Power button at the same time. Still, some changes are present in iOS 10. For iOS 10, we suggest pressing "Power" one second before "Home". 

Tip 2. Force Your Phone to Reboot

Hold the "Power" and "Home" buttons for 10 seconds. After that, your phone will reboot itself. Everything will be back to normal, so no worry!

Tip 3. Use AssistiveTouch As An Alternative.

What if the two previous tips do not work? (or you don't like them). Then you may turn to AssistiveTouch for solutions.

  • Step 1. Navigate to "Settings" - "General" - "Accessibility".
  • Step 2. Hit AssistiveTouch and activate it.
  • Step 3. There is a white digital button on the screen. Tap it, then go to Device - More - Screenshot.

Tip 4. Use The 3D Touch As An Alternative.

Using 3D touch - Source: Flickr

For iPhone 8 (or any phone from 6s onwards), 3D Touch is available!

Step 1. Activate "AssistiveTouch," as we mentioned in Tip Number 3.

Step 2. Hit "Customize Top Level Menus" and "3D Touch" to choose Screenshots.

Step 3. Press the "AssistiveTouch" icon to take a screenshot.

2. How Can I Capture Full Pages with My iPhone 8 Plus?

Is it possible to capture full web pages with iPhone 8 Plus? Our answer is a Yes. Still, these methods are only for Safari browsers. So before we start, open the page you want to capture via Safari!

Use our previous guides to take a screenshot. Its thumbnail will pop up at the lower corner of your screen. Click that thumbnail to enter the edit menu.

The "Full page" text shows up on the top. Click on these texts. Now, we can see the complete screenshot (along with scrolling features)!

iPhone 8 Plus allows you to draw, crop, add notes, and rotate. You can also share your screenshots by hitting an arrow icon. (which lies in the up-right corner). Hit "Done" to save what you have in the photo album.

3. Is It Possible to Take Screenshots With A Broken Home Button?

Yes, of course! Open the "AssistiveTouch" menu. Choose "Double-tap" or "Long-press" before setting them to ScreenShot. You may tap twice or hold the "AssistiveTouch" button to capture a screenshot!

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This article has shown you how to screenshot on iPhone 8. Given no technical issues, it should take only some seconds! Feel free to ask us for help, though, if there are still troubles.

Remember that not all iPhones can use these steps. iPhone-5s backward, for instance, might call for other approaches. Check other guides on this website in such cases!

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