How to Load Photo Paper in HP Printer

Don't know how to load photo paper in HP printer? Our guidelines will shed some light on these issues. Tighten your seatbelt and delve in with us!

Having an HP printer does not help much if you don't know how to use it. Many readers have asked us to show how to load photo paper in HP printer. This article is our answer. Keep scrolling for step-by-step guidelines and tips!

Overall, here is the entire procedure: 

  • Step 1. Open The Picture Package

  • Step 2. Insert Ten Paper Sheets

  • Step 3. Adjust Your Papers

  • Step 4. Insert Another Ten Paper Sheets

  • Step 5. Adjust The Paper One More Time

How to Load Photo Paper in HP Printer

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Let's read these instructions carefully. We have used simple terms to make sure you understand everything.

Step 1. Open The Picture Package

Remember to handle your paper by holding its edges. Never use bare fingers to touch its surface!

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Step 2. Insert Ten Paper Sheets

Let its matter or glossy side face up. (especially when your HP printer accepts top-paper slots. People often refer to them as "Top Loads".) Now place ten paper sheets into a paper slot.

Step 3. Adjust Your Papers

Modify the paper guides atop the top-paper slots. Make the guides stay tight against your paper.

Step 4. Insert Another Ten Paper Sheets

Bring out the paper trays. If there is one paper catch, lift it. Next, insert your picture paper. (with matte or glossy sides facing down.) That is especially advisable if your HP printer accepts front-load slot papers. We know these printers as "Front Loads''. Now place ten paper sheets into your paper slot. 

Step 5. Adjust The Paper One More Time

Adjust your paper guides atop the front-load slots. Make the guides stay tight against your paper.

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1. How Can I Use HP Smart (for Windows 10) to Align My HP Printer?

Aligning the HP printer - Source:

The answer is here! We will show you how to use HP Smart for Windows 10. Other effective tools include HP Solutions Center (from 2010 onwards). You can also use HP Printer Assistant (older models from 2009 backward). 

Does your Start menu have at least one of those apps? Then using Printer Assistant or HP Solutions Center is alright.

Step 1. Load a moderate paper stack into the input tray. The paper should be white, blank, and has standard letter sizes. (8.5" x 11").

Step 2. Open your HP Smart application on your PC. Have you installed it already? If yes, you can see it in the "Start" menu. And if it does not appear, install it immediately.

  • Click the "Start" menu and choose Microsoft Store 

  • Type "Hp Smart" into your search bar before pressing Enter.

  • Click your HP Smart application. (it is a blue icon with paper sheets and a printer). 

  • Click the "Get" button (it is blue).

  • Now launch the application. The next thing to do is to follow on-screen instructions. They help you set up everything!

Step 3. Click the printer in HP Smart boxes.

Step 4. Click "Print Quality Tools". Where is this option? It lies under the header "Utility" on the left.

Do you see nothing from the left column? Then hit the menu (with three lines) on the left corner. The menu will extend!

Step 5. Choose "Align". 

Step 6. Now follow what the screen instructs. "Align" will bring you through each step of the printing process. It also introduces you to special pages, realigning printer cartridges.

Does your printer have built-in scanners? Then the procedure will entail alignment page scanning. All important instructions will pop up on your screen.

But what if there is an error message? (which says "Alignment Unsuccessful" or "Alignment Failed"). You may refer to guidelines for rectifying alignment issues.

2. My HP Printer Is Malfunctioning. How Should I Troubleshoot It?

First, activate HPPSdr.exe. It is from your computer's download location. Wait for Scan Doctor and HP Print to open.

Next, hit "Start" and select your printer. But what if the printer does not get listed? Then switch it on before clicking Retry. If there are connection problems, follow on-screen instructions. 

3. Can A HP Printer Remember Things It Prints?

Printers and computers are similar - Source:

Printers and computers are quite similar. Hence, printers also possess volatile memory (comparable to computer RAM). When you turn it off, the memory will get lost. Meanwhile, its non-volatile memory still stays behind until you delete it.


This article has shown you how to load photo paper in HP printer. Now we are certain you can use these printers with ease! As long as you follow our instructions, no issues can occur. But if they do, refer to FAQs sections for more solutions.

Do you still need help after all these instructions? Yes? No worry, we are here to lend a hand. Leave your comments, inquiries, or suggestions in the comment section!


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